Charging Site of your own, powered by NEBULA CMS
Build your site

Flexible and free to create your own charging site and set up your charging stations with no software expertise needed.

Visualize your charging sites, get real-time insights into charging usage and revenue.

Operation by RFID card

Create RFID cards for different types of user.

Setup different billing methods for different types of users, free vending, pay for a single session or monthly billing.

Generate statistics of charging usage and consumption.

Tariff control

Manage charging tariffs in your own way, customized tariffs to suit your business.

Offer different tariff discounts for different user groups.

Offer variable tariff based on time-of-use pricing.


Charging bill can be exported with all the essential information.

Trustworthy charging consumption record based on integrated MID metering.

Automatic billings are sent via email, or manually exported at your convenience.

No Hardware Upgrade Cost
Built-in MID certified meter to provide trustworthy billing.
No Connection Fee
Seamless integrated hardware and software, no integration effort and cost.
No Transaction Fee
Maximize your revenue, no transaction fee per kWh or per session.
Daisy Chain Connected
Daisy Chain Connected

Ethernet connectivity for OCPP and Modbus TCP in series.

Significant cost saving on networking hardware and installation effort.

High stability hard-wire network ensure high uptime.

Extra Robust<br> Load Management
Extra Robust
Load Management

Set the charging current limit on the charging site level, and monitor the real-time consumption of the charging sites.

Dynamic load management to balance multiple charging sessions in parallel, equally share the dynamic load budget of the charging sites.

Optimized queuing system to allow charging at minimum current while waiting for capacity restored, helping to ease the anxiety of waiting.

MID Trustworthy Metering
MID Trustworthy Metering

Fully integrated MID meter, certified by SGS, no need to install additional meter ±1% accuracy guarantees bulletproof billing.

100% calibrated and inspected with accuracy report from certified factory tooling.